Volvo XC90 Virtual Reality Experience

A Virtual Reality experience that allowed potential customers to explore the interior of a car that didn’t exist yet. “A Swedish Moment” gave people time and solitude to look around freely, while the beautiful Swedish landscape transformed from day to night around them.

My main role as a creative was during the concept stage, as well as drafting storyboards and designing the signage that accompanied the experience at the official launch event in Stockholm. I also traveled to the Guangzhou Motor show in China to give training to hosts on how to give users the best possible experience with this new technology.


  • Guldnyckel 2015: Resor, transporter & fordon
  • Danish Digital Award 2015: New Technology
  • Danish Internet Awards 2015: Innovative use of technology
  • Creative Circle Award 2015: Digital Campaign

Made at DigitasLBi



Volvo Virtual RealityParis-Motor-Show-2_160012345